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    The Fryderyk 2023, the most important annual Polish music award

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    On April 22, in the Silesian Voivodeship, the Fryderyk will be awarded once again. Gliwice Arena will host the Fryderyk Festival and its culminating event – the Gala of Popular Music and Jazz.

    Although we will only know most of the artists who will be attending the evening after the nominations are announced on March 22nd, it is already known that the ceremony will be graced by a concert featuring the hottest names on the Polish music scene in various genres.

    One of the stars of the evening will be the band T. Love – a group characterized by unparalleled musicianship, lyrics and the vocals of Mune Staszczyka. T. Love is an institution, one of the best rock orchestras in Poland, which has been writing its own history for over four decades. Every one of their performances is a dose of good energy.

    Mrozu, the author of hits such as “Złoto” and “Za daleko,” will also perform on the Gliwice stage. Since the release of his latest platinum album “Złote Bloki,” he has regularly performed on the biggest festival stages in the country. His concerts are an extraordinary musical spectacle and an energetic dose of madness.

    Representatives of the younger generation of artists will also be present, including Sara James, one of the most promising vocalists on the Polish scene, who has already gained international recognition and became a sensation after her performance on America’s Got Talent, and Julia Wieniawa – an artist with an extraordinary voice who has performed at the biggest Polish music festivals such as the Orange Warsaw Festival, Fest Festival, and Męskie Granie.

    Fans of hip hop will surely rejoice at the announcement of a performance by Szczyl, one of the most popular young rappers, the author of the album “Polska Floryda,” who received three nominations for Fryderyks last year, and whose duet with Piotr Rogucki was described as “masterful” during the Gala of Popular Music and Jazz.

    The icing on the musical cake will be a concert by Smolasty, an electrifying combination of R’n’B, rap, pop and club music. Smolasty’s hits have over 500 million views on YouTube, but his greatest asset is his live performances – spontaneous and full of enthusiasm. This artist is known for his excellent contact with the audience.

    There will also be explosive moments on stage! Gliwice arena will host the most important Polish group in the black and death metal circle – Behemoth, which has been working for years to establish itself as a leader in its category on the world music scene. Their performances are majestic, detail-oriented spectacles.

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