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    The Future of Poland’s Mega Airport Sparks Nationwide Debate

    The construction of the Central Communication Hub (CPK), a significant infrastructure project in Poland, has captured the attention of all stakeholders in the Polish political scene. In the coming months, following a series of audits, the government is expected to decide on whether to proceed with the project in its entirety or in segments. Alongside government actions, there is already a lively discussion regarding the CPK project.

    A discussion about the future of this project was organized on Kanał Zero (Channel Zero). Thanks to the contributions of experts who presented arguments for and against the project, it has become easier to understand the complex business matters at hand.

    Notably absent from the debate were representatives from CPK, the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the government’s plenipotentiary for CPK, Maciej Lasek, who did not accept the invitation to the studio.

    Online Support and for CPK

    A support campaign for the construction of the airport titled “Yes for CPK” has emerged online. Users on the social media platform X can use this hashtag to express their support for the investment. Meanwhile, “Channel Zero,” hosted by Krzysztof Stanowski, conducted a survey on the future of the project, which saw participation from over 100,000 internet users. A staggering 90% of them voiced support for the continuation of the CPK’s construction.

    A Controversial Statement by Prime Minister Donald Tusk

    Prime Minister Donald Tusk made a notable misstep regarding the Baranów airport. On Wednesday, the head of the government published a post dedicated to the investment, stating, “The debate on halting the CPK construction is pointless. PiS [Law and Justice] hasn’t even started its construction.” Tusk added that “one might as well discuss the quality of Izera electric cars.”

    However, it was pointed out in a community note to his post on platform X that “The CPK investment has been ongoing since 2017. During this time, a Master Plan was created, environmental studies were conducted, and other necessary permits were obtained. The airport and the Łódź-CPK-Warsaw railway have already received an environmental decision. Demolition work is currently underway at the site.”

    Currently, an audit is being carried out by the CPK company, responsible for preparing this investment. According to assurances from the government’s plenipotentiary, Maciej Lasek, the results of financial, project, and technical analyses are expected by the end of the first half of the year.

    The airport, planned to be located in Baranów, aims to handle 40 million passengers annually in its first phase and process millions of tons of cargo. Access to the airport will be provided by high-speed rail, ensuring a maximum travel time of two hours to the airport.

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