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    The Largest Museum in Poland is near completion

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Prof. dr hab. Piotr Gliński visited the construction site of the Museum of Polish History at the Warsaw Citadel and dubbed it “the largest Polish museum and the biggest Polish investment in the field of culture.” The museum’s opening is scheduled for the end of September this year.

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    May 13 – the last tour before the opening of the construction site at the Warsaw Citadel

    Gliński explained that the finishing work is currently underway on the building’s surface area of over 44,000 square meters. The structure will house 800 rooms, including two auditoriums, one that can hold nearly 600 people, a cinema hall, several educational rooms, warehouses, specialist rooms for conservators, playgrounds for children, and catering facilities.

    The museum’s main exhibition hall will cover almost 7,500 square meters. This institution is the largest museum in Poland and the most significant Polish investment in the field of culture, and let us not forget that over 300 museum investments are in progress in Poland. In the last seven and a half years, 6,272 cultural investments have also been completed,” stated the head of the Ministry of Culture.

    Gliński highlighted that the demand for cultural institutions that are highly valued by Poles is steadily increasing, and there is a boom in attendance at Polish museums. This, he emphasized, is the result of the hard work of museum professionals, and he added that it’s worth recalling that the first person to initiate this policy was the then-Mayor of Warsaw, and later, the President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński.

    The Museum of Polish History, as an institution, was established in 2006 but has not had a permanent location until now. Finally, with this investment, Poland is fulfilling its obligation to create a space for this essential institution.

    The museum is scheduled to open its doors to visitors at the end of September 2023. However, on May 13, the museum invites visitors for a tour of the construction site of the Warsaw Citadel. The number of places is limited, and prior registration is required. This is a unique opportunity to witness the birth of this landmark museum.

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