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    The Majestic Trees of Pieniny National Park

    Explore the discovery of Poland’s tallest native tree in Pieniny National Park, alongside insights into its ecological significance.

    Pieniny National Park, nestled in Poland, harbors some of the country’s tallest indigenous trees. Recently, a team led by Dr. Jan Bodziarczyk discovered a towering specimen: a 55.86-meter-tall Norway spruce.

    Conducted in collaboration with Marcin Broźny, Łukasz Wilk, and Przemysław Wilk, the study was inspired by earlier aerial lidar data analysis. Using advanced surveying techniques, they identified over 20 spruces exceeding 50 meters in height.

    Utilizing tachymetry, the team meticulously measured the tallest spruce, also recording its trunk circumference. These findings will be detailed in the upcoming volume of the “Pieniny-Nature and Man” monograph series.

    While the Norway spruce reigns as Poland’s tallest native tree, the title for the country’s overall tallest tree goes to a 120-year-old Douglas fir, reaching a staggering height of 59.40 meters.

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