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    The Silent Choir of the University of Silesia

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    The Silent Choir of the University of Silesia, which operates in two faculties – the Faculty of Arts and Education Sciences in Cieszyn – aims to teach sign language signs, integrate the university and non-university community and promote the University of Silesia. The choir performs musical works in sign language.

    The Silent Choir was founded in 2016 on the initiative of students at the University of Silesia.

    “We were formed spontaneously. Students from the Scientific Circle of Pedagogues wanted to learn to sign a piece of music. We came up with the idea that it would be a carol, as it was the period before Christmas. The first piece we developed was Silent Night and that’s where it started.”,

    Dr Anna Wojtas-Rduch, caretaker and conductor of the choir, told PAP.

    The choir interprets music using body language, in this case, sign language. The choir’s activities integrate students, graduates, and university staff. People from outside the university can also belong to the choir. “The only condition is a willingness to learn sign language”, Dr Wojtas-Rduch said.

    Deaf people cannot hear music, but this does not mean that they do not feel it with their bodies through rhythm and vibration

    “Sometimes we shut down, we think deaf people don’t feel the music. At performances we can show it with our whole body, blinking. Deaf people understand us and I think that what we are doing is breaking stereotypes.”,

    said a member of the choir, Katarzyna Ochojska

    The choir performs songs in live performances and in student music videos produced by Alicja Drabik, a graduate of the University of Silesia. There are also new challenges facing the team.

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