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    The Television Revolution: From Black and White to Color

    On March 16, 1971, Poland inaugurated its first color television program, adopting the French SECAM system. Initially, color broadcasts were limited to once a week, later expanding to daily transmissions, including coverage of parliamentary sessions.

    The Legendary Rubiny: A Mixed Legacy

    Bernard Nowak reminisces about the central role of televisions, particularly the imposing Soviet Rubiny, which, despite their weight and status as a household centerpiece, were not without their hazards, occasionally erupting into flames.

    Czesław Tarkowski recalls the unexpected surge in demand for color televisions following significant events like the election of a new pope in 1978. The Rubiny, though popular, were not always readily available, prompting journeys to neighboring towns to secure one.

    Integrating Televisions into Home Design

    As televisions became fixtures in Polish homes, interior design considerations shifted to accommodate this new centerpiece, balancing entertainment with the need for spaces free from the “tyranny of television.”

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