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    The XXVIII Lednica 2000 Youth Gathering: “Return Home”

    Around 18,000 young people gathered for the XXVIII Lednica 2000 Youth Meeting, officially kicking off on Saturday afternoon at the Lednica Fields in the Greater Poland region. The event, themed “Return Home,” has been a significant annual gathering for young Catholics since its inception in 1997 by the late Dominican Father Jan Góra. The highlight of each meeting is the symbolic passage through the Fish Gate, signifying a commitment to Christ.

    Inspiring Messages

    At 5 PM, Polish Primate Archbishop Wojciech Polak addressed the attendees, emphasizing the spiritual essence of “home.” “A home must have a soul, a living soul. One receives this living soul when humbly bowing under the waters of baptism,” he stated, drawing a parallel to the baptism of Mieszko I over a millennium ago. The Archbishop expressed his hope that the meeting would bring strength, hope, and peace to the participants, uniting them within the Church.

    Archbishop of Poznań, Stanisław Gądecki, expanded on the theme by reminding the youth that their home extends beyond familial and parish boundaries to encompass the entire Catholic world. “When we come to this home, we cross the boundary between Heaven and Earth,” he said, highlighting the connection of love that should bind all Christians.

    A Night of Prayer

    This year’s gathering includes a special prayer session led by Cardinal Grzegorz Ryś, scheduled for 10 PM. The event will culminate at midnight with the traditional pilgrimage through the Fish Gate, marking the participants’ symbolic journey towards Christ.

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