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    Thousands of Poles March for Life and Family

    Thousands in Poland march for life and family, opposing anti-family government actions and supporting traditional values.

    Today, thousands of Poles participated in the March for Life and Family across numerous cities. The demonstrations voiced strong opposition to government actions perceived as anti-family, such as attempts to introduce abortion laws and attacks on traditional marriage.

    Since early April, over 50 cities, including Warsaw, Szczecin, and smaller towns like Brodnica and Żary, have seen marches. This year’s events, coordinated by the Center for Life and Family, reflect widespread public discontent with policies threatening unborn life and family values.

    On June 16, the March for Life and Family took place in Warsaw and 15 other cities, organized by the Center for Life and Family and the Ordo Iuris Institute. The march aimed to show solidarity for unborn children’s rights and traditional family structures.

    Church Involvement

    The Polish Episcopal Conference endorsed the initiative, highlighting the importance of family and the sanctity of life. A letter from the bishops, read in churches nationwide, emphasized that personal freedom does not extend to deciding another’s life.

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