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    To protect the Union’s interests, 5G network must be secure

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    The security of 5G network has become one of the top priorities for the European Commission, which highlights its key role in the Security Union strategy. Accordingly, the Commission calls on Member States that have not yet done so to urgently implement the recommended toolkit to address threats from vendors, such as Huawei and ZTE, deemed to pose a cyber security risk.

    The Commission’s published Communication makes clear that Member States’ decisions to limit the participation of these providers in 5G networks are justified and in line with the recommended tools. The Commission emphasises that Huawei and ZTE pose a significantly higher risk than other 5G providers. In this context, the Commission is taking the necessary steps to ensure the security of its networks and funding instruments.

    The Member States’ report shows progress in the implementation of the EU toolkit for 5G network cyber security. Many countries have adopted or are preparing legislative measures to assess providers and impose restrictions. However, there is a need for further action, including identifying and limiting access to high-risk providers, to tighten the security union infrastructure.

    The Commission recommends that Member States require mobile operators to provide comprehensive information on 5G equipment, as well as impose restrictions on high-risk providers. Care should be taken to protect critical infrastructure components, such as the radio access network. Operators should also avoid installing new equipment from high-risk providers and implement tighter security rules for managed service providers.

    It is also important to continue discussions on supplier diversification and the prevention of new security risks. In order to effectively mitigate risks, technical measures should be enforced, a high level of oversight should be ensured and strict procurement conditions should be applied.

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