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    Today is the 98th birthday of Jakub Nowakowski, Warsaw Insurgent, and soldier of the legendary “Zośka” battalion!

    Jakub Nowakowski was a member of Battalion Zośka. It was a Scouting battalion of the Polish resistance movement organisation – Home Army (Armia Krajowa or “AK”) during World War II. It mainly consisted of members of the Szare Szeregi paramilitary Boy Scouts. It was formed in late August 1943. A part of the Radosław Group, the battalion played a major role in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

    Today, Jakub Nowakowski celebrates his 98th birthday. He served in the battalion as a Senior Rifleman.

    In 2022, Mr Jakub Nowakowski took part in a march organized in Warsaw, Poland to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

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