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    Today is European 112 Day

    European 112 Day is an international day that is annually held on February 11. It was introduced by the European Union and aims to promote the existence and appropriate use of the Europe-wide emergency number 112.

    The 112 emergency number is a pan-European emergency number for both fixed and mobile phones, which is used to notify in situations of threat to health, life or property. Dialing 112 does not require unlocking the keypad of the mobile phone. In addition, you can dial 112 from your phone without a SIM card. Directing calls to the emergency number 112 is free of charge.

    It introduced in 1991 in order to make a common emergency call available in every member state of the European Union. Since December 2008, the emergency call services can be reached from all fixed and mobile networks and free of charges with the common telephone number 112. Due to the rising publicity of 112 as the European emergency number, it is turning into a common symbol of help and support, but also of the European Union in general.

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