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    Today is European Organic Agriculture Day

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    September 23rd marks European Organic Agriculture Day, a day dedicated to promoting sustainable food production and its benefits for society and the environment.

    Celebrating Organic Farming in the EU

    On September 23rd, the European Union observes European Organic Agriculture Day, an initiative established as part of the Action Plan for the Development of Organic Production adopted by the European Commission in March 2021. This special day aims to raise public awareness about organic production, its characteristics, and the many benefits it brings to both society and the environment.

    European Organic Agriculture Day not only emphasizes the benefits of sustainable food production but also encourages farmers to transition to organic farming practices. By promoting this form of agriculture, the European Union aims to achieve sustainable development goals and combat climate change.

    Celebrating European Organic Agriculture Day is an opportunity for reflection on our dietary choices and how we can contribute to environmental protection. It’s also a chance to appreciate farmers and producers who work in harmony with nature, caring for our planet and the well-being of society.

    Spreading knowledge about organic farming during the celebrations of this day is a step toward a more sustainable future where environmental protection and healthy food play a crucial role. European Organic Agriculture Day is a time to celebrate these values and take action for a better tomorrow.

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