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    Today is Great and Holy Saturday

    Great and Holy Saturday, also known as Black Saturday or Easter Eve, is an important day in the Christian calendar, particularly for the Catholic Church. In Poland, this day is marked with various traditions and customs.

    One of the most significant events that take place on Great and Holy Saturday in Poland is the Blessing of the Food. This is a tradition where families prepare baskets filled with traditional Easter foods such as bread, eggs, ham, and salt, and take them to the church to be blessed by a priest. The food is then eaten on Easter Sunday.

    Another important event on this day is the Vigil of Light, which takes place after sunset. It involves lighting a fire outside the church and using the flame to light candles that are carried into the church. This symbolizes the light of Christ coming into the world and the triumph of life over death.

    The end of Great and Holy Saturday is marked with the Resurrection Mass, which takes place in the early hours of Easter Sunday. During this Mass, the church bells ring out, and the faithful celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    In conclusion, Great and Holy Saturday is an important day in Poland, and it is marked with various traditions and customs that reflect the country’s rich Christian heritage. The Blessing of the Food, Vigil of Light, and Resurrection Mass are just some of the events that take place on this day, and they serve as a reminder of the significance of Easter in the lives of the faithful.

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