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    Today is the Day of the Polish Flag

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    The Flag Day of the Republic of Poland is a holiday celebrated in Poland on 2 May every year. It is a day when Poles proudly fly their national flags, participate in celebrations and reflectively recall the country’s history and the symbolism of the national flag.

    The Polish flag consists of two horizontal stripes of equal width – white at the top and red at the bottom. According to legend, these colours are derived from the country’s coat of arms, which depicts a white eagle on a red background. According to this legend, Prince Mieszko I, who was baptised in 966, was said to have seen a white eagle in the sky, which he took as a sign of divine protection for Poland.

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    Flag Day of the Republic of Poland was established in 2004 as a public holiday to honour the national flag and strengthen the sense of national identity in society. On this day, ceremonies are held throughout the country, attended by representatives of state authorities, the military, social organisations and citizens. National flags are flown on the towers of public buildings, including government, military and local government buildings.

    On this day, flowers are also laid at monuments and plaques commemorating national heroes and deceased soldiers who gave their lives for Poland’s freedom and independence. It is worth emphasising that the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland is apolitical in nature and is celebrated by the whole society, regardless of political or religious affiliation.

    In conclusion, the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland is an important national holiday that reminds Poles of the values that guide Poland as a country. It is an opportunity to express love and respect for the country and its national symbol in a dignified and solemn way.

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