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    Today Poland celebrates Pharmacist Day

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    Today, May 14th is Pharmacist Day in Poland. It is a day dedicated to commemorating the work and importance of pharmacists to society. Pharmacists play an extremely important role in healthcare, being responsible for preparing and distributing medicines and helping patients choose the right pharmaceutical products.

    Initially, it was a holiday celebrated only by Turkish pharmacists. It was established in 1968 in Turkey and has since taken on an international dimension.

    The choice of May 14th is related to the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II (1785-1839), who was known for his extensive legal and military reforms.

    He also revolutionized the Turkish education system, including the creation of the first pharmacy class in the Imperial School on May 14, 1839. To honor this date and the work of all pharmacists, May 14th was established as the Day of the Pharmacist in 1968.

    September 25th: World Pharmacist Day

    The history of World Pharmacist Day can be traced back to 25 September 2009, when the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) announced that we would celebrate the day every year from that day onwards to highlight the contribution of pharmacists to public health and society.

    Pharmacists play a key role in ensuring quality healthcare and patient safety. Their work involves not only providing medicines but also monitoring their efficacy and safety, advising patients and doctors, as well as carrying out research and developing new medicines. This enables patients to receive the best medical care.

    World Pharmacist Day is an opportunity to highlight the role of pharmacists in society and strengthen their position as key players in healthcare. This helps to raise public awareness of the work of pharmacists and the importance of their role in public health.

    We should all value the work of pharmacists and their contribution to our health and well-being. Thanks to their work, we can safely and effectively treat our diseases and protect ourselves from them through prevention and healthy lifestyles. On this day, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all pharmacists around the world for their hard and valuable work.

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