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    Today TV Republika invites you to the transmission of a unique programme related to the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

    Today, Thursday 8 June, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, TV Republika invites you to the transmission of Mass from Jasna Góra, coverage of the first and second pilgrimage of John Paul II to his homeland, and a replay of the splendid concert on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the birth of the Pope.

    • 7:00 a.m. transmission of Holy Mass from Jasna Góra.
    • 01:35 p.m. the film “Pilgrim” nine days that changed Poland forever – an account of the
      of the first pilgrimage of St John Paul II to his homeland in 1979.
    • 03:00 p.m. transmission of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
    • 03:20 p.m. the documentary film “Credo” – the Holy Father’s second pilgrimage to Poland
      Poland in 1983. During it, the Pope poured hope into Polish hearts and openly
      supported the liberation aspirations of the Polish people.
    • 7 p.m. a concert to mark the 103rd anniversary of the birth of St John Paul II from the sanctuary in Nowy Targ. The Pope’s favourite songs were combined with excerpts from his homilies and poems in a unique performance by the band Little Army of Janosik.

    The film ‘Pilgrim’ – John Paul II’s first pilgrimage to his homeland, which took place from 2-10 June 1979.

    One of the most important events in the 1000-year history of our country. Nine days that changed Poland. It was 44 years ago that the greatest Pole of all – St John Paul II – arrived in Poland for his first pilgrimage to Poland. John Paul II came to Poland for the Holy Father’s first pilgrimage to his homeland after his election to the See of Peter. Peter’s See. Millions of people at celebrations, tears, flowers, flags and emotion on their faces – this is how the Poles experienced Pope Wojtyla’s arrival in their homeland. People who remember those days will experience them anew. For younger Poles, the film will allow them to experience those uniquely moving moments for the first time.

    In June 1979, in defiance of the communist authorities, crowds of the faithful took to the streets and welcomed their Pope. And the Holy Father’s words at that difficult time gave us Poles hope and faith. “I, a son of the Polish land, and at the same time I – John Paul II, Pope – cry out from all the depths of this Millennium, I cry out on the eve of the Feast of Pentecost, I cry out with all of you: ‘May your Spirit descend, may your Spirit come down and renew the face of the earth, this earth,’ John Paul II said at the time.

    The documentary film “Credo” – an account of the Holy Father’s second pilgrimage to Poland in 1983.
    John Paul II’s second trip to his homeland was held under the motto “Poland, my Homeland”. It took place in significantly different conditions than the first. It was the period after the assassination attempt on the Pope (1981). Martial law was in force. John Paul II began his second pilgrimage to his homeland on 16 June by arriving in Warsaw. During the seven days outside the capital, he visited Niepokalanów, Częstochowa, Jasna Góra, Poznań, Katowice, Wrocław, St. Anne’s Mountain and Krakow.

    The Pope poured hope into a society terrorised by the martial law introduced on 13 December 1981, and openly supported the freedom aspirations of Poles. In the words of John Paul II there were clear references to Solidarity as a social movement – on 23 June in the Chochołowska Valley there was a historic meeting between the Holy Father John Paul II and Lech Wałęsa – the chairman of Solidarity.

    A delightful concert to mark the 103rd anniversary of the birth of Karol Wojtyla from the Shrine of John Paul II in Nowy Targ. The Sanctuary of St John Paul II is a special place in Podhale associated with the cult of the Polish Pope. It is also a sanctuary with exceptional acoustics, where almost 150 young singers and musicians from the Little Army of Janosik ensemble will sing what it means to love and be proud of John Paul II. It will be a magnificent and wonderful feast for the soul. Each song and each piece carries a unique power. Many in the audience will turn a tear in their eye.

    The Little Janosik Army from Raba Wyżna is a highlander band, a folklore ensemble and at the same time an artistic group, inspired by highlander culture, going beyond the beaten track, encouraging creativity in music, broadening horizons and realising one’s own passion. Its originator is Damian Pałasz – violinist, musician and visionary.

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