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    Top-Selling Used Car Models: Discover Which Ones Are Flying Off the Lots!

    Owners of Mini Coopers, as well as Opel Grandland and Crossland vehicles, can expect quick sales according to a recent analysis by AAA AUTO, an international used car dealership network. The AAA AUTO Barometer report, based on first-quarter 2024 data from car dealerships, online platforms, and used car sellers, highlights these models as the fastest-selling used cars.

    The Mini Cooper emerged as the top performer in the used car market in 2024, with an average sale time of just 13 days. During the first quarter, 212 Mini Coopers were listed for sale, with a median price of 19,150 PLN (4,190 EUR), a median age of 16 years, and a median mileage of 159,000 km. Close behind, the Opel Grandland sold on average within 14 days. This model saw 116 units listed, with a median price of 76,000 PLN, reflecting its relatively young median age of 5 years and median mileage of 74,000 km.

    In April, there were 252,760 used cars available for sale, presenting a wide and varied selection, including both domestic and imported vehicles. Karolína Topolová, CEO of AURES Holdings, the operator of AAA AUTO, advised buyers to be cautious with imported cars, as they often exceed 10 years in age and may have issues such as mileage discrepancies or significant damages. She emphasized the importance of purchasing from reputable dealers who thoroughly inspect vehicles both technically and legally.

    The analysis also revealed that the Citroen C5X had the longest wait time for a new owner, averaging 231 days. Other models with lengthy sale times included the Ford Mustang Mach-e (211 days), Volkswagen ID.Buzz (179 days), Skoda Enyaq (164 days), and BMW iX (145 days). These extended periods were likely due to their high prices, with median prices around 200,000 PLN.

    Among the most expensive used cars listed were the Mercedes GLE coupe (299,900 PLN – 65,620 EUR, 3 years old, 55,000 km), Opel Grandland (76,000 PLN – 16,630 EUR, 5 years old, 74,000 km), and Opel Crossland (57,900 PLN – 12,670 EUR, 5 years old, 47,182 km).

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