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    Tragedy Strikes as 15-Year-Old Found Dead Under Ice While Fishing

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    In a tragic incident in Bochotnica, Lublin Voivodeship, firefighters recovered the lifeless body of a 15-year-old who went fishing by a water reservoir on Monday afternoon, as reported by the police.

    Distressing Call to Authorities

    The boy’s mother notified the police around 5:00 PM when her attempts to reach him by phone went unanswered. The teenager, returning from school, had taken his fishing gear and headed to the water reservoir near the Vistula and Bystra rivers in Bochotnica.

    Desperate Search Unfolds

    Approximately half an hour later, unable to establish contact, the worried mother went in search of her son but couldn’t locate him. She contacted her husband, who, along with a friend, rushed to the scene. Disturbingly, they discovered a hole cut in the ice, broken ice fragments, and the boy’s belongings scattered on the shore.

    Father’s Heroic Effort

    Facing freezing conditions, the father entered the water in a desperate attempt to find his son. Fortunately, with assistance from a friend, he managed to retrieve the teenager. Suffering from hypothermia, the father was rushed to the hospital. Tragically, the boy’s lifeless body was found submerged under the ice by firefighters.

    Investigation and Closure

    Authorities, including a prosecutor, are currently conducting on-site procedures. The teenager’s remains will undergo forensic examination at the Department of Forensic Medicine. This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with icy water activities.

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