Tragedy Strikes: Miner Dead and Five Injured in Bielszowice Mine Tremor

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An underground tremor occurred in the Bielszowice Coal Mine within the Ruda Śląska area, resulting in a tragic incident. One miner has lost his life, and five others have sustained injuries.

“The tremor occurred at around 6:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Longwall 846 – seam 405/2wg of the Bielszowice mine, situated at a depth of 1000 meters,” Dorota Tobiszowska, a senator of the Polish Republic with longstanding professional ties to the mine, informed through a Facebook post. She added that a total of six individuals were present in that region.

According to a report from the Polish Press Agency, five miners who were injured as a result of the tremor were safely transported to the surface. Tomasz Głogowski, spokesperson for the Polish Mining Group (PGG S.A.), conveyed that they are battered but conscious.

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Among them, one miner’s condition is more critical, prompting an airlift by the Polish Medical Air Rescue Service to the hospital in Katowice-Ochojec. The remaining individuals were conveyed to nearby hospitals.

Following the tremor, efforts were made to locate the sixth miner. Rescuers managed to reach him, but after 9:00 a.m., a doctor pronounced him dead.

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