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    Tragedy Strikes: Miner Dead and Five Injured in Bielszowice Mine Tremor

    An underground tremor occurred in the Bielszowice Coal Mine within the Ruda Śląska area, resulting in a tragic incident. One miner has lost his life, and five others have sustained injuries.

    “The tremor occurred at around 6:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Longwall 846 – seam 405/2wg of the Bielszowice mine, situated at a depth of 1000 meters,” Dorota Tobiszowska, a senator of the Polish Republic with longstanding professional ties to the mine, informed through a Facebook post. She added that a total of six individuals were present in that region.

    According to a report from the Polish Press Agency, five miners who were injured as a result of the tremor were safely transported to the surface. Tomasz Głogowski, spokesperson for the Polish Mining Group (PGG S.A.), conveyed that they are battered but conscious.

    Among them, one miner’s condition is more critical, prompting an airlift by the Polish Medical Air Rescue Service to the hospital in Katowice-Ochojec. The remaining individuals were conveyed to nearby hospitals.

    Following the tremor, efforts were made to locate the sixth miner. Rescuers managed to reach him, but after 9:00 a.m., a doctor pronounced him dead.

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