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    Tragic Loss at Orlen Board Meeting: Technical Director Passes Away

    On May 16, a tragic event unfolded during a board meeting at Orlen, one of Poland’s leading oil and petrochemical companies. The company’s technical director, who was deeply involved in the refinery and petrochemical production sectors and played a significant role in the merger between Orlen and Lotos, suddenly passed away.

    According to reports from, the technical director sank to the floor during the afternoon meeting. Immediate resuscitation efforts were undertaken, and an ambulance arrived promptly. However, shortly after being transported to the hospital, he was pronounced dead. Unofficial sources suggest that the cause of death was a heart attack. The deceased, approximately 50 years old, leaves behind several children.

    This incident has cast a pall over Orlen, where many employees are reportedly experiencing high levels of stress due to ongoing job cuts. An anonymous source revealed that “many people at Orlen are under immense stress these weeks, with daily layoffs creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear.”

    The late director was particularly affected by this climate of insecurity. Despite dedicating a significant portion of his life to the company and being solely focused on technical work, he felt targeted, according to insiders.

    Daniel Obajtek, the former CEO of Orlen, expressed his condolences in a heartfelt statement: “I received the news of my longtime colleague’s sudden death with deep sorrow. His passing is a tremendous loss. I extend my sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones. During these difficult times, we unite in grief, remembering his dedication and commitment to his work. May he rest in peace.”

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