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    Triathlete Robert Karas’ Doping Confession Sparks Controversy: World Record Achievement Under Question

    In a shocking revelation that has sent ripples through the world of sports, Polish triathlete Robert Karas has admitted to taking banned substances, casting doubt on his recent world record-breaking achievement. The news comes after Karas completed a remarkable 10-time Ironman in Brazil, a feat that had garnered widespread admiration and celebration.

    Robert Karas Responds to Doping Allegations: Claims Medication for Injuries Led to Positive Test Results

    On Monday, July 31, Robert Karas received news from the organizers of the competition in Brazil that traces of banned substances were detected in his body. The International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA) federation had not yet made this information public, but Karas chose to come forward and disclose the results himself in an effort to be transparent about the situation.

    In a statement released by Karas, he expressed disbelief at the test results and vehemently denied ever using any form of doping. He claimed that before the start of the competition in Brazil, he had sought out the organizers to provide anti-doping tests, understanding that this was necessary for his result to be officially recognized as a world record. He maintained that throughout his career, he had always been clean and that the results of numerous doping tests after each of his previous World Cup starts had confirmed his commitment to fair play.

    Karas went on to explain that the situation arose due to a course of medical treatment he received in January. At that time, he suffered from fractures in his arm, ribs, and foot, and was prescribed medication that contained substances listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). According to Karas, he was repeatedly assured by medical professionals that the prescribed drugs would not impact his preparations or performance in Brazil.

    The Polish triathlete is currently in constant communication with the IUTA federation and is awaiting the result of the B sample test. Regardless of the final decision, Karas has chosen to share his story as a warning to other athletes, urging them to exercise limited trust in the opinions of experts and always be vigilant about the substances they consume.

    Karaś Asserts Innocence in Doping Controversy: Polygraph Test Taken to Validate Claims

    Subsequently, Karaś issued another statement, expressing his complete accountability for the outcome of the anti-doping test. He asserted, “I want to emphasize that the substances were not taken with the intention of enhancing my performance in the Brazil competition. In fact, they were used during January as part of my preparation for an MMA fight scheduled for 3rd February. It is crucial to note that these drugs had no beneficial effect on either my training or my performance in the World Cup competition held at the end of May.” To prove it, Karaś took even the polygraph test.

    Robert Karas’s Historic 10-Time Ironman Feat Under Scrutiny: World Record Legitimacy Questioned

    Karas’s accomplishments in May had captivated sports enthusiasts in Poland and beyond. He completed a 10-time Ironman in Brazil, covering an astounding route of a 38 km swim, 1800 km on the bike, and 422 km to run. The new distance record set by Karas stood at an impressive 164 hours, 14 minutes, and 2 seconds.

    The world record in the 10-time Ironman, which Karas conquered in May, is also likely to be affected by these developments, as doubts are raised about the legitimacy of his performance.

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