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    TV Republika Sets New Records, Eyes Expansion in Commercial Demographic

    In a significant milestone for TV Republika, Friday evening of April 26 saw a record-breaking viewership for the station, with five of Republika’s programs surpassing TVN24 in ratings. Building on this success, TV Republika is now poised for further expansion in the coveted 16-59 commercial demographic.

    According to the latest Nielsen Media Television results, TV Republika has seen an astonishing increase of over 4,000 percent in its viewership share within the commercial demographic, year-on-year.

    “At present, the market for news stations is dominated by TV Republika and TVN24, particularly evident during prime-time slots. We command a significant market share and possess a large, loyal audience within the commercial demographic,” remarked Tomasz Sakiewicz, President of TV Republika, highlighting the station’s remarkable performance despite having the smallest technological reach among major news stations.

    Sakiewicz emphasized the station’s ability to attract and retain viewers, attributing this success to Republic TV’s unique programming that continuously engages its audience. “Week by week, we are producing increasingly compelling content that captures viewers’ attention. Contrary to market trends, we are attracting a younger audience base, a trend that has persisted for five consecutive months,” he added.

    Michał Rachoń, TV Republika’s Program Director, echoed Sakiewicz’s optimism, expressing confidence in the station’s trajectory. “I have no doubt that it’s only a matter of time before we become the most-watched television channel in Poland and a trusted business partner for Polish advertisers,” he asserted.

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