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    Republika TV’s Triumph: A New Era in Polish Television News

    In an unexpected turn of events on the evening of Friday, April 26th, Republika TV emerged victorious over TVN24 and other news channels, commanding higher viewership across five of its programs. This remarkable achievement not only overshadowed TVP Info and Polsat News but also solidified Republika’s standing as a dominant player in the Polish television news arena.

    The surge in Republika’s viewership was particularly notable starting around 4:55 PM with “Expres Republiki” – a news segment hosted by Rafał Patyra, renowned for delivering the swiftest updates in Poland.

    From 07:00 PM onwards, Republika’s flagship news program, “DZISIAJ” (English: TODAY), led by editor Danuta Holecka, secured the highest viewership among all news stations in Poland.

    Also contributing to this wave of success was “AGORA Klarenbacha,” one of the station’s newest Friday programs, which premiered on March 22nd and is helmed by Adrian Klarenbach.

    Following “AGORA,” audiences tuned in to “Kulisy Manipulacji” (English: Behind the Scenes of Manipulation) featuring Katarzyna Gójska, Piotr Lisiewicz, and Dawid Wildstein, as they dissected the mechanisms behind media hysteria surrounding the commission on postal voting.

    The fifth program, “Piachem w tryby,” a witty commentary on current political events airing daily at 09:45 PM, showcased a rotating cast of Republika TV’s journalists. On that Friday evening, Monika Borkowska, Jarosław Olechowski, and Miłosz Kłeczek led the charge.

    Michał Rachoń, Republika’s program director, underscored the diversity of their offerings, highlighting how both longstanding flagship programs and recent additions contributed to their success. He remarked, “Both ‘Kulisy Manipulacji’ and ‘Dzisiaj’ have been with us since the inception of the station, while ‘Expres Republiki,’ ‘AGORA Klarenbacha,’ and ‘Piachem w tryby’ represent our recent innovations.”

    Meanwhile, Republika TV’s president Tomasz Sakiewicz emphasized the influx of new viewers and the renewed interest from longstanding audiences in Republika. He attributed this phenomenon to the appeal of their fresh programming lineup and the effectiveness of their audience outreach strategy.

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