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    Two mysterious Russians allegedly blackmail FAMUR

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    Two Russians came to the mining machinery manufacturer (FAMUR) in Katowice and tried to extort with blackmail the sale of companies in Kazakhstan and Russia for nothing. The management informed the security services about the incident.

    On Monday morning, a meeting took place between the Russian-speaking men and the management of Grenevia (formerly Famur). The men had ready-made sales documents with them, which they presented to the company’s management, and in which they stated that the Famur company in Russia was being sold for 100,000 roubles, or about EUR 1,000, while the branch located in Kazakhstan was being sold for about EUR 45,000. According to Grenevia’s management board, the value of the company in Russia oscillates around PLN 60 million, and in Kazakhstan for PLN 10 million.

    The company informed that the men had threatened that if the board had not signed the documents by 6 pm, they would have revealed information to the world discrediting the company.

    Grenevia’s management informed the Polish security services. As the company recalls, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the board rescinded contracts for the supply of machines to Russia. The total value of the contracts reached PLN 130 million.

    Statement of the Management Board of FAMUR SA

    FAMUR SA informs that on 27 February 2023, as a result of the action of two citizens of the Russian Federation, the company was subjected to pressures aimed at attempting to force an adverse disposition of property on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. In the opinion of FAMUR SA, this was an attempt of hostile takeover of subsidiaries located on the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. In the company’s opinion, these actions may imply blackmail, and therefore, the Management Board immediately notified the relevant state authorities about the whole incident.

    Management Board of FAMUR SA

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