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    U.S. Congress agreed to sell Poland nearly five hundred Himars launchers

    Today Poland celebrates the National Day of Remembrance of the Cursed Soldiers. Established in 2011 by a free and democratic Poland, the holiday confirms the role played by the Cursed Soldiers on the road to independence. Throughout Poland, ceremonies are held to commemorate those who took up the fight for the freedom of Poland. 

    It doesn’t matter whether we agree ideologically with the American president, because it is in Poland’s interest to have the best possible relations with the U.S. That’s why the U.S. president is standing in the heart of Warsaw for the second time in a year and saying: “Here is a free country, here is NATO, here is the strength of the alliance.” – President Duda says in the latest issue of the weekly Gazeta Polska. 

    Yesterday night, a passenger train and a cargo train collided head-on in Greece, killing at least 36 people and injuring dozens as the country’s deadliest rail crash in living memory threw entire carriages off the tracks.


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