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    UEFA Women’s Nations League: Poland defeated Germany in the VNL quarter-finals

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    After achieving success in the group phase of the Nations League, the Polish national team continues its streak! Our volleyball players triumphed over the German team in the quarter-finals, although it was not an easy task as in the previous round. As the third and fourth sets progressed, the Polish players kept their cool in key moments, advancing to the 2023 Nations League semi-finals with a score of 3-1!

    First place was won by the Polish team in the regular phase of the Nations League, with 10 victories and only two defeats.

    Poland – Germany: 3 – 1 (25-12, 21-25, 25-21, 26-24)

    Poland: Stenzel, Korneluk, Gałkowska, Stysiak, Fedusio, Łukasik, Szczygłowska, Czyrniańska, Pierzchała, Wenerska, Pacak, Różański, Nowicka, Jurczyk.

    Germany: Agbortabi, Kastner, Cesar, Pogany, Glaab, Slautzt, Alsmeier, Stigrot, Orthmann, Scholzel, Cekulaev, Weske, Weitzel, Strubbe.

    In an intense volleyball match between the Polish and the German women’s teams, the initial set witnessed a commanding performance by the Polish side. Right from the start, they showcased their dominance, dictating the pace of the game and leaving no room for the Germans to catch up. With exceptional composure, Poland established a significant lead, triumphing over their rivals with a resounding score of 25-12.

    The beginning of the second set saw a fierce battle as both teams engaged in a point-for-point exchange. The German women intensified their efforts and refused to relent. As the set progressed, the Germans gradually gained the upper hand. Meanwhile, the Polish team displayed signs of nervousness and inaccuracy, allowing their opponents to capitalize on every mistake, no matter how small. Towards the end of the set, Poland managed to close the gap and even took a brief lead, reaching a score of 20-19 in the Germans’ favour. However, at a crucial moment with a score of 21-19, the Polish team faltered, losing their momentum. Despite their relentless pursuit of points, they were unable to overcome the determined German women, who ultimately claimed the set with a score of 25-19.

    Magdalena Stysiak and Olivia Różański were Poland’s main offensive weapons in the match, with each of them scoring 18 points.

    In a nail-biting third set, reminiscent of the previous one, the battle between Poland and Germany unfolded once again in a point-for-point fashion. However, as the set progressed, the Polish team managed to establish what seemed like a comfortable lead. Yet, the Germans swiftly narrowed the gap to just a single point. With the score standing at 11-10 in favour of the red and white team, Coach Lavarini called for a timeout, aiming to regain control. The strategic pause had an immediate impact as Poland regained their footing, widening the margin to four points at 18-14. From that moment onward, despite the Germans relentlessly pursuing the score, the Polish team gradually extended their advantage. Despite their opponents valiantly defending three set points, Coach Lavarini wisely opted for another timeout, which proved to be equally effective. With renewed focus and determination, the Poles swiftly closed out the set, triumphing with a final score of 25-21.

    The beginning of the 4th set was better for the German team, however, after a few lost points the Polish team gained the upper hand. The Polish volleyball team played with a two-point advantage and at the very end of the set fought for the victory, bringing the German team to a tie. In the end, the Polish women managed to win the match and advance to the semi-finals.

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