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    Unearthing a Rare Enkolpion: Archaeological Discoveries in Woźniki, Silesia

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    Archaeologists unearthed a rare enkolpion in Woźniki, Silesia, providing a glimpse into medieval history.

    Archaeologists, including researchers from the University of Łódz, have unearthed a remarkable enkolpion, a cross-shaped reliquary, during their excavations in Woźniki, Silesia. These relics were discovered in what is believed to be a knightly residence dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

    The 2023 season marked the first comprehensive exploration of the site, led by Dr. Piotr Strzyż, a professor at the University of Łódz. In addition to the enkolpion, researchers found clay vessels, various iron objects, and military artifacts, confirming the site’s historical significance.

    The exceptional find in Woźniki is an enkolpion crafted from a copper alloy. These reliquaries, worn by Christians on their chests, typically housed relics or quotes from the Holy Scriptures. Due to its delicate state, the enkolpion has been entrusted for restoration in Wrocław.

    Excavations at Woźniki have exposed the remains of the lower level of a wooden building with a domed furnace, which likely heated the residence, initially a princely court at the end of the 13th century and later a private knight’s dwelling.

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