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    University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Economics Wins Top Prize in Global Econometric Game 2023

    The University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Economics, comprised of both students and doctoral candidates, has triumphed in the global Econometric Game 2023, held at the University of Amsterdam, as announced on Wednesday. The competition assessed participants’ abilities in econometrics, data analysis, and machine learning, with 26 teams competing from all over the world.

    According to the university’s website, the winning team from the Faculty of Economic Sciences included PhD students Mateusz Buczyński and Michał Woźniak, as well as Master’s students Mateusz Kijewski and Michał Kunstler. Dr Marcin Chlebus supervised them.

    The teams were tasked with predicting malnutrition in Africa using machine learning algorithms, and the UW stated that the best algorithms used were #LightGBM, #CatBoost, and #NBEATS. The team also offered recommendations for public policymakers based on the eXplainable AI (#XAI) tool.

    The Faculty of Economic Sciences’ teams have enjoyed success in other international competitions, as they were runners-up in the European Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) multiple times and came in second place in February’s prestigious RITC.


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