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    Unusual holiday – Weirdo Day 

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    7 January is an unusual day to celebrate for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd – Weirdo Day.

    Weirdo Day was introduced by a professor of social psychology at Stanford University in California, Philip Zimbardo. He first organised it at the university. As part of a social experiment, students were instructed to dress in silly outfits and behave silly. The professor himself got involved in the celebrations.

    And who is a weirdo? According to the Słownik języka polskiego (English: Dictionary of the Polish Language), a weirdo (or a freak) is an eccentric person with unusual tastes and habits. 

    In many countries, however, Weirdo or Freak Day is celebrated on many other dates, f.ex., Wonderful Weirdos Day on September 9, and National Freak Day on July 28 or November 23. 

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