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    Unveiling the Coats of Arms: 16th and 17th Century Polish Students at the University of Padua

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    The State Archives in Opole has released an album chronicling the coats of arms of 16th and 17th-century Polish students who studied at the University of Padua. This initiative, a continuation of Professor Mirosław Lenart’s earlier work, commemorates the 800th anniversary of the renowned institution.

    Symbolic Narratives and Complex Affiliations

    The album, titled “Universitas Ultramontanorum,” showcases colorful illustrations of the students’ heraldic symbols, along with maps pinpointing their locations within the university’s premises. It sheds light on the intricate rules governing the diverse “nations” at Padua, where students, hailing from regions linked to the Polish Kingdom, exhibited fluid affiliations, sometimes registering in multiple nations.

    Identity Declarations on Coats of Arms

    The complex dynamics of nationality and allegiance are highlighted, as students from Silesia, Prussia, and Pomerania asserted their identities through unique declarations on their coats of arms. The album, presented in Polish, Italian, and English, offers a captivating glimpse into a historical era often overshadowed by more recent narratives.

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