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    US General John Gronski Praises Poland’s Military Strengthening Efforts

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    Retired US General John Gronski applauds Poland’s military strengthening efforts, highlighting the significance of strength, determination, and readiness in contemporary defense.

    In a recent statement, retired US General John Gronski, former Deputy Commander of the US National Guard, lauded Poland’s commitment to bolstering its military capabilities. General Gronski emphasized that the only factors that matter to adversaries are strength, determination, and readiness. He commended Poland’s decision regarding arms procurement and underscored the importance of maintaining equipment and adequately training soldiers to maximize its utility.

    Poland’s Outstanding Efforts:
    General Gronski, boasting over four decades of experience in the world’s leading military, praised the quality of American and other Western ally-produced military equipment, asserting their global superiority. He highlighted that the key to success lies in providing the Polish army with proper equipment maintenance and ensuring soldiers receive adequate training for optimal utilization.

    Key Armaments:
    According to General Gronski, the essential armaments for any modern military on the battlefield are long-range firepower and air defense. He stressed that each NATO country’s primary responsibility is focusing on its own defense.

    A Respected Military Leader:
    General John Gronski is among the most esteemed experts in military leadership, having served as the Deputy Commander of US National Guard troops stationed in Europe from 2016 to 2019. His ancestral roots trace back to Poland.

    Poland’s commitment to strengthening its military capabilities has earned praise from a distinguished military leader like General John Gronski. As nations grapple with evolving security challenges, his insights underscore the importance of both robust equipment and a well-trained, determined military force.

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