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    Vestas to Open Two New Wind Energy Factories in Poland

    Danish wind energy giant Vestas has announced plans to open two new manufacturing plants in Poland. The factories, which will produce nacelles and blades for wind turbines, are set to create 1,700 new jobs in the country.

    The announcement was made by Jagna Kubańska-Łyczakowska, Vestas’ Head of Public Affairs for Poland, during the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) 2024 conference held in Świnoujście.

    “This investment is a testament to Vestas’ commitment to supporting the growth of renewable energy in Poland and strengthening the local economy,” Kubańska-Łyczakowska stated. The new facilities are expected to play a crucial role in enhancing the production capacity for wind turbine components, supporting both domestic and international projects.

    The opening of these factories marks a strategic expansion for Vestas, aligning with the European Union’s broader goals of increasing renewable energy capacity and reducing carbon emissions. The move is anticipated to boost Poland’s position in the renewable energy market, providing a significant economic stimulus through job creation and industrial growth.

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