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    Voter Turnout in Polish European Parliament Elections Sees Decline

    Poland’s voter turnout for the European Parliament elections stood at 40.65%, according to the National Electoral Commission. This figure shows a significant drop from the 2019 elections when turnout reached 45.68%. Despite the decrease, this year’s participation was still higher than earlier elections, such as in 2004 when only 20.87% of eligible voters cast their ballots.

    Regional Differences

    The highest voter turnout was observed in Electoral District 4, which includes Warsaw, the surrounding counties, ships, and overseas voters, with a participation rate of 56.30%. Conversely, the lowest turnout was in Electoral District 3, covering the Podlaskie and Warmian-Masurian voivodeships, where only 35.32% of eligible voters participated.

    This year’s elections marked the fifth time Poles voted for their representatives in the European Parliament. Turnout has fluctuated over the years, with 23.83% in 2014 and 24.53% in 2009. The inaugural 2004 election had a turnout of just 20.87%, indicating a gradual increase in voter engagement over time, though the recent decline is notable.

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