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    Warsaw’s Racing Extravaganza: The Grand Warsaw Stakes

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    Join the excitement as Warsaw’s historic Great Warsaw Stakes celebrates its 78th edition on October 1st, marking a new era with international ‘Listed’ status.

    On October 1st, Warsaw will belong to the queen of Służewiec horse racing. We’re talking about the Great Warsaw Stakes, a tradition dating back to 1895, which will celebrate its 78th edition at the Służewiec Horse Racing Track. This event remains an integral part of Warsaw’s identity.

    A Historic Tradition

    Established in 1895 by Count August Potocki, then President of the Society for Horse Racing in the Kingdom of Poland, the Great Warsaw Stakes was modeled after the enduring Grand Prix de Paris. In 2023, this iconic Warsaw race will mark its 110th occurrence and its 78th at the Służewiec track.

    Historical Interruptions

    Throughout its history, the race experienced interruptions due to geopolitical factors. Early in the 20th century, during Poland’s occupation, the event faced restrictions imposed by the Russian regime. Both World Wars also led to its suspension. In the interwar period, the Great Warsaw Stakes was held on the Mokotów Field track. However, with the city’s growth, a new location was sought, ultimately leading to the selection of Służewiec.

    Służewiec Racecourse

    The Służewiec Horse Racing Track was inaugurated in June 1939, shortly before World War II broke out. After the war, the tradition was revived in Lublin as the “Wielka Nagroda Lubelska” before returning permanently to Służewiec in 1946.

    An Exceptional Year

    “This year holds special significance for the Great Warsaw Stakes, as it has been awarded international ‘Listed’ status, following the recommendation of the European Pattern Committee on February 28, 2023. This prestigious recognition firmly places the Great Warsaw Stakes among the world’s most esteemed thoroughbred horse races,” said Dominik Nowacki, Director of the Służewiec Horse Racing Track.

    A Day of Celebration

    The Great Warsaw Stakes not only draws horse racing enthusiasts but also thousands of Warsaw residents who consider it a must-attend event. In recent years, Night Tornado, ridden by Stefano Mura, claimed the title. Who will emerge victorious this year will be revealed on October 1st. One thing is certain: it will be a day of racing celebration, featuring additional attractions such as cavalry displays, vintage carriage exhibitions, live music, a ’60s-inspired fashion contest, a kids’ play area, and, of course, thrilling races.

    Experience the grandeur of Warsaw’s racing tradition at the Great Warsaw Stakes on October 1st.

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