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    Wawel Castle Transformed: A Galactic Celebration

    Warsaw’s Royal Castle on Wawel Hill underwent a stunning transformation on May 4th, resembling scenes from a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars enthusiasts reveled in an unprecedented spectacle, turning the historic site into a haven for fans.

    A Universal Celebration

    May 4th marks an international holiday for Star Wars aficionados. The chosen date is no coincidence; it’s deeply intertwined with the iconic phrase known to every Star Wars fan: “May the Force be with you!” The linguistic similarity between this phrase and “May the 4th be with you” initiated the celebration, echoing back to 1979.

    The inaugural public usage of “May the 4th be with you” occurred in 1979 when British media, inspired by the catchphrase, hailed Margaret Thatcher’s election victory. Since then, May 4th has evolved into an annual homage to the beloved franchise, uniting fans worldwide in their shared love for Star Wars.

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