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    “We won’t hand over Polish Forests to EU Commissioners,” says spokesperson

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    The spokesperson for Polish State Forests, Michał Gzowski, has announced on Twitter that a social initiative committee for the legislative initiative “In Defense of Polish Forests” has been established. They have also started a petition drive.

    Michał Gzowski, spokesperson for the State Forests and the representative of the legislative initiative, emphasizes that they are collecting signatures for a law that will guarantee that their (Polish – ed.) forests remain under Polish control. The proposal changes the provisions of the 1993 Law on State Forests.

    “We will not hand over the forests to the EU commissioners! We already have a social legislative initiative committee “In defence of Polish forests” and we are collecting signatures for a bill that will ensure that our forests remain under the control of Poles. Sign the bill, defend the forests!” Gzowski wrote on Twitter.

    The initiators of the civic project warn against the ambitions of the EU. As they point out, Brussels wants to “take away Poland’s right to manage its own forests; impose EU bans, destroying the Polish forestry industry; eliminate Polish competition on the European market; introduce an aggressive climate policy, leading to an increase in the price of timber; ban access to one-third of the forests in the country”.

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