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    Welcome to the World: A New Addition to Wrocław Zoo

    Introducing a surprise arrival in Wrocław Zoo, a petite yet towering newborn giraffe born on April 3rd. Despite her small stature, this little female already surpasses many adults in height.

    Born to proud mother Nala and father Rafiki, the newborn giraffe made her debut on a sunny April day, catching her caretakers off guard. Although signs of pregnancy were subtle, she arrived healthy and began exploring her enclosure shortly after birth.

    At birth, the calf weighed between 50 to 55 kg, a fraction of her potential adult weight. Despite her size, she is already thriving, eagerly nursing and sticking close to her mother.

    Soon, zookeepers will select a name for the giraffe calf, following the tradition of starting with the letter “N” like her mother. Fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite name on Facebook.

    Awaiting Public Debut

    While visitors eagerly await the chance to meet the newest addition, zoo officials are waiting for warmer weather before allowing her to venture outside. Once conditions permit, she will join other animals on the savannah exhibit, including zebras and ostriches.

    Giraffes: Majestic Giants

    Standing as the tallest land mammals, giraffes can reach heights up to 5.7 meters and weigh up to 1930 kg. The giraffes at Wrocław Zoo belong to the subspecies Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata, known for their distinctive coat pattern.

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