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    Weronika Ewald’s Wild Card Boosts Polish Presence in WTA Warsaw

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    The WTA tournament at Legia Courts in Warsaw will now feature a third Polish representative. Nikola Bartunkova, set to receive a wild card entry, won’t be participating. Her spot goes to Weronika Ewald, who will now forego her place in the qualifiers, paving the way for Martyna Kubka.

    Initially, only Iga Świątek and Maja Chwalińska (who received a wild card) were guaranteed spots in the main tournament. The remaining wild cards went to Czech players Muchova and Bartunkova. Polish players like Falkowska (via ranking), Ewald, and Lincer (wild card) competed in the qualifiers.

    Tactical Move: Ewald’s Wild Card

    Bartunkova’s withdrawal opened an opportunity for another Polish representative. The organizers strategically utilized Ewald’s wild card to avoid granting a spot to a foreign player in the qualifiers. Ewald, a quarterfinalist at the junior Australian Open, now joins the Polish competitors.

    Poland already boasts three representatives in the main tournament, including Kubka in the qualifiers. Three more Polish players aim to join them, promising an exciting display of national pride.

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