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    What Polish Women Really Make Online

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a study by Imker reveals the income disparities faced by women content creators in Poland, especially those who specialize in lifestyle topics and utilize Instagram as their primary platform. The study, focusing on the digital creator economy in Poland, involved nearly 180 participants, with 42% being women.

    According to the findings, three-quarters of the female respondents earn from their online activities, yet only 25% surpass the monthly income threshold of 10,000 PLN. This is in stark contrast to their male counterparts, 33% of whom achieve this level of income. The majority of women’s earnings fall between 1,000 and 9,999 PLN.

    The report underscores the increasing trend among women to launch their own online businesses, which offers them flexibility and the ability to balance professional and maternal duties. Ola Gościniak, founder of Jestem Interaktywna and GirlBosskie, notes, however, that many women still combat the “imposter syndrome,” doubting their qualifications and undervaluing their work compared to men. Gościniak encourages women to recognize their expertise and competence in their respective fields.

    The analysis also highlights that women might not be dedicating enough time to their online ventures, with half of the respondents spending less than 20 hours per week on their internet activities. Despite this, 50% consider their online creation as their primary source of income, with less than 19% treating it as a hobby.

    Women content creators often focus on lifestyle and health (29%), personal development (24%), parenting and family (15%), relationships (15%), and niche professional topics (15%). Instagram stands out as the preferred platform for 55% of the female creators, followed by Facebook and blogging.

    An interesting finding of the study is that women are increasingly focusing on launching their own products, such as books, courses, and e-books, with one-third indicating this as their goal for the coming year. In contrast, men prioritize increasing their income.

    Krzysztof Bartnik, CEO and founder of Imker, recognizes the rising trend of digital products among internet creators, which allows them to monetize their expertise. Imker supports ambitious women who are diligently developing their online presence, building newsletters, engaging communities, and fulfilling their missions. Bartnik wishes all women in the digital space the courage to grow their projects and earn on their own terms, especially in light of Women’s Day.

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