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    Winter break 2024 with culture – Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (PWN)

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    In the digital age, access to educational materials has become increasingly important, especially for children exploring their creative potential. Fortunately, several platforms offer free online resources, catering specifically to children with an interest in music. Here’s a curated list of valuable resources for young learners:

    1. “You’re a Creator – You Have Rights” (Grades 4-8):
    • Educational videos available at: link
    1. “100 out of 100. Musical Decades of Freedom”:
    • Explore musical education at: link
    1. Musical Postcards – from the “100 out of 100. Musical Decades of Freedom” project:
    • Engaging content accessible here
    1. New PWM App for Distant Duet Music-making:
    • Download the app here
    1. Choir Exercise Set based on Marcin Wawruk’s “Choral Rhythm in Exercises and Tips” manual:
    • Access the exercises here
    1. “Song Master Class” series by Tomasz Konieczny and Lech Napierała:
    • Dive into the classes here
    1. “Children’s Chamber Music Online and at Home” – Over 80 Audio-Video Recordings of Polish Composers’ Works:
    • Discover the recordings here
    1. Stanisław Moniuszko for Children – Animated Film Series (12 Episodes):
    • Enjoy the series here
    1. “Songbook – Not Only – at Home” – Over 30 Video Materials Commemorating Stanisław Moniuszko’s 200th Birthday:
    • Access the materials here
    1. “Tatulczyk Moniuszko” – Children’s Book read by Tomasz Konieczny:
      • Listen to the reading here

    These resources cover a wide spectrum of music-related topics, making learning engaging and accessible for children. Whether it’s interactive applications, animated series, or educational interviews, these platforms aim to nurture creativity and a love for music in young minds. The diverse range ensures that children can explore various aspects of music, from theory to practical exercises, all from the comfort of their homes.

    Additionally, the inclusion of materials celebrating Polish composers like Stanisław Moniuszko adds a cultural dimension to the educational experience. The availability of digital sheet music through PWM’s nkoda service further enhances the accessibility of educational materials in the digital age.

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