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    Winter break 2024 with culture – Szczecin National Museum

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    Artistic, dance, theatrical, historical, weaving, calligraphy, and photography workshops, multimedia exhibitions, various themed activities, film screenings, theatrical performances, educational games and animations, concerts – these are just some of the offerings prepared for the winter holidays by museum and artistic institutions led and co-led by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. From January 15 to February 25, over 80 institutions will be implementing a special program for children and youth. We invite you to explore the rich offerings and take advantage of the opportunities for shared activities.

    Szczecin National Museum

    Szczecin National Museum invites children aged 7-10 for an enriching experience, “Winter Break in the Museum,” from January 16 to 19, 2024. The workshops, aligned with four temporary exhibitions, promise a blend of historical exploration and creative art projects.

    Discovering the Past Through Art: The journey commences with a deep dive into the history of Pomerania’s post-World War I currency at the Old Town Hall. Led by Ewa Kimak, participants analyze century-old artworks portraying the currency’s evolution.

    Immersive Art and Coastal Adventures: The second day transports participants to a vibrant world of art from the Second Polish Republic. Through the exhibit “Happy Islands?” at the museum, children engage in discussions about Baltic trips past and present, creating oversized postcards with various art supplies under Agata Kamińska’s guidance.

    Woodworking and Playful Markets: On the third day, children explore the world of woodworking tools and rural markets from the past. Led by Dorota Baumgarten-Szczyrska, they craft traditional toys reminiscent of bygone market days.

    Theatrical Tales Through Time: The final day unfolds with a journey through theatrical history, exploring African dolls and puppets at the “Children of Magic” exhibit. Under Dorota Obalek-Bylak’s guidance, participants delve into the fascinating stories of theater from ancient times to the present.

    Szczecin National Museum’s winter workshops blend historical education with artistic expression, offering an inspiring week for young minds.

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