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    Winter break 2024 with culture – the Silesian Museum

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    Artistic, dance, theatrical, historical, weaving, calligraphy, and photography workshops, multimedia exhibitions, various themed activities, film screenings, theatrical performances, educational games and animations, concerts – these are just some of the offerings prepared for the winter holidays by museum and artistic institutions led and co-led by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. From January 15 to February 25, over 80 institutions will be implementing a special program for children and youth. We invite you to explore the rich offerings and take advantage of the opportunities for shared activities.

    Exploring Winter Activities at the Silesian Museum

    January 29 – February 11

    Half-Day Workshops for Children

    Safe in the Mountains (for grades 2-5)

    Embark on a winter adventure in the Tatra Mountains! Children will learn mountain safety, map reading, and essential gear for winter hikes. Tales of Tatras’ inhabitants and avalanche equipment training await. Dates: January 30-31, Venue: Room C. Workshop Hours: Jan 30 – 11:00, 13:00; Jan 31 – 9:00, 11:00, 13:00. Maximum Participants: 20.

    Mountain Landscape

    Journey into the mountains through the eyes of renowned Himalayan climber Wanda Rutkiewicz. Discussions at the “View from Above: Wanda Rutkiewicz Archive” exhibition, followed by pastel art sessions. Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 and 11:30.

    On Tom’s Trail – Interactive Educational Game

    Hunt for Tomek Wilmowski, Alfred Szklarski’s character, in an engaging educational space. Solve the mystery while collecting stamps in a traveler’s notebook. Tuesday to Friday, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00. Register at or call 32 77 99 382.

    Family and Parent-Child Workshops:

    Safe in the Mountains (for ages 8-12)

    January 30, 15:00, Room C. Max 10 children + guardians. Tickets at

    Creative Shift 2024 – “Into the Depths of the Earth”

    Explore black as an artistic inspiration in linocut family workshops on February 7-8, 11:00. Max 10 children + guardians.

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