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    Winter break 2024 with culture – the Tatra Museum in Zakopane

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    Artistic, dance, theatrical, historical, weaving, calligraphy, and photography workshops, multimedia exhibitions, various themed activities, film screenings, theatrical performances, educational games and animations, concerts – these are just some of the offerings prepared for the winter holidays by museum and artistic institutions led and co-led by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. From January 15 to February 25, over 80 institutions will be implementing a special program for children and youth. We invite you to explore the rich offerings and take advantage of the opportunities for shared activities.

    Tatra Museum in Zakopane – Educational Workshops and Art Meetings Calendar

    The Tatra Museum in Zakopane warmly invites all mountain and culture enthusiasts to exciting educational activities and art meetings scheduled from January 16 to February 23. We have prepared attractions for children, youth, and adults so that you can discover the secrets of the Tatra Mountains and immerse yourself in the richness of their history.

    Educational Workshops

    Adventures of Koziołek Matołek
    Let’s start with Tuesday meetings (16.01, 23.01, 30.01, 6.02, 13.02, 20.02) at 10:00 in the Kornel Makuszyński Museum. Recommended age of participants: 6-13 years. This is a unique opportunity to experience adventures with the iconic character.

    Inhabitants of the Tatra Mountains
    On Wednesdays (17.01, 24.01, 31.01, 7.02, 14.02, 21.02) at 15:00, we meet at the Main Building of the Tatra Museum to discover the secrets of mountain dwellers. Recommended age of participants: 9-13 years.

    Painting on Glass
    Thursdays and Saturdays (18.01, 25.01, 27.01, 1.02, 8.02, 15.02, 17.02, 22.02) are reserved for creative glass painting workshops. We meet at 16:00 (Thursday) and 10:30 (Saturday) at the Main Building of the Tatra Museum. We welcome children from 7 years old and adults.

    Secrets of the Highland Cottage. Painting Treasure Chests
    On Fridays (19.01, 26.01, 2.02, 9.02, 16.02, 23.02) at 10:30, we gather at the Main Building of the Tatra Museum to paint treasure chests together. Recommended age of participants: 7-14 years.

    Mountain Meetings

    Zakopane’s FIS-es, This and That about Ancient Ski Races
    Saturday’s meeting (20.01) at 16:00 in the Main Building of the Tatra Museum will take participants into the world of ancient ski races. Recommended age of participants: youth, adults.

    Sketches for the Skier’s Portrait – Henryk Bednarski
    Wednesday (31.01) at 16:00 is the time for artistic meetings for youth and adults. Location: Main Building of the Tatra Museum.

    Masters of Skis (About Zakopane Skiers)
    Wednesday (7.02) at 16:00 is another meeting, this time dedicated to the masters of skiing in Zakopane. Recommended age of participants: youth, adults.

    Skiing in Zakopane
    Friday’s meeting (9.02) at 16:00 is an opportunity to discuss the history of skiing in Zakopane. Recommended age of participants: youth and adults.

    Golden Wojciech Fortuna
    Saturday (10.02) at 16:00 is a meeting dedicated to one of the greatest Polish ski jumpers. Recommended age of participants: youth, adults.

    In the Footsteps of Two Boards
    Wednesday (28.02) at 16:00 is the time to tell the story of two boards and their extraordinary history. Recommended age of participants: youth, adults.

    For organized groups, additional workshops and meetings are possible after prior arrangement of the date and topic of the activities. All information can be obtained at: or by phone at +48 533 925 111.

    Meetings with Art

    Tatra Landscape
    Thursday meetings (1.02, 8.02, 22.02) at 15:00 in the Art Gallery at Villa Oksza are an opportunity for children aged 8 and adults to discover the beauty of the Tatra landscape.

    We invite all enthusiasts to participate in our events to explore the beauty of the Tatras together and derive joy from learning and art!

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