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    World Culinary Awards: Fiorentina Restaurant in Krakow considered the best in Poland and one of the best in Europe

    According to the jury of the World Culinary Awards competition, the Fiorentina Restaurant in Krakow, famous for its Polish cuisine, was recognized as the best in Poland and one of the best in Europe.

    World Culinary Awards™ serves to celebrate and reward excellence in the culinary industry through our annual awards programme. Receiving a World Culinary Award™ is a world-class achievement that provides you, the Winner, with the ideal marketing tool to promote your award-winning products and services ahead of your competitors.

    “One of our specialties is seasoned beef, prepared on a charcoal grill. We serve a unique Florentine steak, and the secret of Bistecca alla fiorentina is in its quality and the unique way of cutting the meat.”

    Besides the unique beefsteak, the restaurant specialises in Polish cuisine. Its menu includes dishes based on fresh, unprocessed, preservative-free local ingredients and Polish products of the highest quality.

    Fiorentina also offers a range of Polish cheeses and wines, for example, red wine: 2019 Winnica Turnau, Rondo Regent, Baniewice, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland or 2019 Winnica Wieliczka, Cuvée Regis, Wieliczka, Małopolskie, Poland.

    The title of the best restaurant in Europe went to a restaurant from Italy – Uliassi.

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