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    World Dog Day and The Story of Dżok The Dog

    Today, on World Dog Day, we honor our loyal canine companions and their unwavering devotion. This day is a tribute to the special bond between humans and dogs, and there’s no better story to illustrate this bond than that of Dżok, a black mongrel who became a symbol of loyalty in Krakow.

    Dżok’s owner tragically died of a heart attack near the Grunwald Roundabout. For a year, Dżok faithfully waited at the spot, nourished by the local residents who were moved by his devotion.

    Eventually, Dżok allowed himself to be taken in by Maria Müller, a widow. Sadly, after her death in 1998, Dżok fled and was tragically killed by a train. His story left a profound impact on the city.

    Dżok’s memory lives on through a monument in Krakow, reminding us of the unwavering loyalty and love that dogs bring into our lives.

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