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    Wrocław Police Officers Risk Their Lives to Save a Man from Drowning

    Wrocław police officers from the Wrocław-Śródmieście police station have shown that their oath of office is not an empty phrase. Yesterday evening, based on a report from a citizen who was concerned about a man standing on a bridge and threatening suicide, the police intervened in the area of Chrobry Bridges.

    They found a drowning man and without hesitation jumped into the river to save him. Sergeant Wojciech Okrutny and Constable Wojciech Radzik provided him with first aid and handed him over to rescuers.

    This is not the first time that Wrocław police officers have saved human lives. The officers are always ready to help those in need, even at the risk of their own lives. In the case of the intervention on Chrobry Bridge, their dedication and ability to cooperate allowed them to save another person.

    It is worth appreciating the daily work of police officers who serve and ensure the safety of residents. Thanks to their effort and sacrifice, Polish cities are safer.


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