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    XV European Economic Congress Starts Today

    Nearly 170 debates on everything that is on Europe’s economic agenda today and determines its current shape and development prospects. 3 days of constructive discussions with distinguished speakers, including EU commissioners, politicians from Poland and abroad and representatives of major businesses. The 15th European Economic Congress (EEC) starts today and will last up to 26 April at the International Congress Centre in Katowice.

    The event opened with a debate entitled ‘The New European Economy in a New World,’ during which invited experts will discuss the role, opportunities and tactics of Europe in the context of a changing environment and challenges such as, among others, the transformations taking place in the climate, energy, logistics or the global economic situation. 

    On the first and second days of the congress, award galas will be held, featuring competitions such as the “EEC Startup Challenge,” “Investor Without Borders,” “Green Initiatives Ranking,” and “Top Municipal Investments.” The awards will recognize exemplary efforts in entrepreneurship, investments, environmental initiatives and municipal projects.

    This year, congress attendees will be able to enjoy evening banquets, offering the perfect opportunity for continued informal conversations and more in-depth discussions. To top off both evenings, there will be concerts featuring some of the biggest names in Polish music.

    The European Economic Congress is back for another year, offering a platform for discussions and meetings, networking opportunities, and business relationships. This year, attendees will have the chance to build partnerships and integrations, as well as access accompanying events. Don’t miss this chance to make connections and further your business goals!

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