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    Zbigniew Ziobro to Undergo Another Surgery as Health Deteriorates

    Zbigniew Ziobro, a prominent Polish politician, is set to undergo another surgery due to complications from his battle with esophageal cancer. Michał Wójcik, a member of the Suwerenna Polska party, revealed this update during an interview with Polsat News. He mentioned that Ziobro’s condition has significantly worsened following previous life-saving surgery due to metastasis.

    Ziobro, the former Minister of Justice, has been fighting a malignant esophageal cancer. Wójcik, when asked about Ziobro’s health on the program “Gość Wydarzeń,” stated that he spoke with Ziobro on Friday. “Unfortunately, there are complications post-surgery. It has been decided that Ziobro will undergo another surgery,” Wójcik said, adding that the politician has experienced significant weight loss but remains in good mental spirits. He also noted that Ziobro’s exact location is not being disclosed.

    Ziobro first publicly shared details about his illness in March, describing his diagnosis of malignant esophageal cancer in a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). He learned of his condition on November 13, the same day newly elected MPs took their oath of office. “We know that cancer takes its victims, but we often believe it won’t affect us. Don’t base your future on this belief. Regularly check your health and consult specialists about any worrying symptoms,” Ziobro advised in his post.

    He recalled the moment he received his diagnosis at the hospital and the ensuing rush of emotions and thoughts about his family and the difficult battle ahead. Ziobro’s journey involved intensive treatments, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and a major surgery that impacted his chest, abdomen, and neck.

    In December 2023, Suwerenna Polska issued a brief statement regarding the party’s leadership in Ziobro’s temporary absence due to health reasons. The Presidium will oversee the party’s operations, with Patryk Jaki standing in for Ziobro during his recovery.

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