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    Ziobro Announces Party’s Name Change in Response to Sovereignty Challenges

    Solidary Poland, a junior member of the ruling United Right coalition led by Zbigniew Ziobro, has announced that they are changing their name to ‘Sovereign Poland,’ citing “sovereignty challenges” posed by the European Union as the reasoning behind the move.

    On May 3 (Poland’s Constitution Day) Solidary Poland is set to make history as the party holds its policy congress in Warsaw. The congress will provide an opportunity for the party to present its programme proposals and announce a new name.

    Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro has stated that the Solidary Poland will consider changing the name of the party. It is in response to the “enormous sovereignty challenges” currently facing Poland. During an interview with Polish Radio on Friday, Ziobro said that the decision to alter the name of the party will be made by the party’s congress.

    Zbigniew Ziobro has voiced his concerns regarding German ambitions of establishing a single European state, which would effectively dissolve nation-states. According to official documents released by the German government, this appears to be their primary goal. Ziobro expressed his worries about the implications this could have on the sovereignty of all European countries.

    “We absolutely do not agree to this, because it means great risks for Poland, depriving us, above all, of democracy, namely the ability to decide for ourselves,”

    Ziobro added.

    Zbigniew Ziobro declared that Poland will remain a “Sovereign” nation and will not be blackmailed by the European Union. He also emphasized that Poland will safeguard its interests in all matters.

    Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro declared that the party was taking steps to create a “Sovereign Poland.” It is in response to what he says are persistent attempts at blackmail by foreign entities on issues such as agriculture, energy, the judiciary and morality.


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