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    The “Family 500 plus” program well rated in the USA

    William Bradford Wilcox, American sociologist, director of the National Marriage Project and professor of sociology at the University of Virginia pointed to the Polish program “Family 500 plus” as a model of legislation that could be implemented in the US.

    During the Joint Economic Committee meeting, one of the key points was the debate on stability in the family in the USA. JEC is one of the four permanent joint committees of the US Congress. During his speech, William Bradford Wilcox praised Polish solutions operating under the “Family 500 plus” program. “There is some evidence that Poland has achieved some success in its <<500 plus>> payment program for families for each child. This is a type of child benefit. This could be a model for us to consider here in the US to think about child benefit that would give families a choice on how best to spend money on their children”, said Wilcox.


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